Student satisfaction on canteen services

The Korean Journal of Student satisfaction on canteen services and Nutrition. School food service in Korea: To get more information about meal satisfaction in school service, a further research need for the preference menu by eating place and gender.

Educational Welfare Support Bureau; A study on the satisfaction of food service and food preferences of middle school students. On the other hand, eating school meals in the cafeteria, students take food as they want and meal helpers distribute food in the designated area, which makes the school food distributed with warmth and cleaniness, managed with hygiene.

As the results of this research, there were differences of satisfaction on school meal service by eating places and gender. The Ministry of Education. Information system and improvement device of school food services. The Korean Journal of Nutrition. Study on food service administration and nutrition education in elementary schools in Inchon.

To eat meals in classrooms, it needs to be conducted by transferring meals in large distribution server with student meal servers by dumbwaiter to the classroom. We surveyed the satisfaction on school meals among middle school students in different eating places and gender.

The Korean Food and Drug Association. Therefore, the differentiating school meal service depending on gender is recommended. Korean Journal of Community Nutrition.

Development and Proliferation of Nutrition Information for Children. The comparison of satisfaction value for the meal service place of students of some middle schools in Busan. Then, students in charge or helpers distribute the meals to each student Chyun et al. Comparison of student satisfaction with foodservice of middle school by place for meal service in Busan area.

A study on the satisfaction of high school students for the school food service program. Comparisons of student satisfaction with the school food service programs in middle and high schools by food service management types.

Therefore, schools that do not have a cafeteria for eating meals should secure safe distributing cart to maintain proper food temperature, and conduct student education for proper self-distribution.

Journal of the Korean Dietetic Association.

The Graduate School of Kumho University; Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture. In case of hygiene, the cafeteria group showed higher satisfaction than the classroom distribution group because kitchen employees distribute meals in the cafeteria, so the management of school meals is convenient and hygienic.

Though conversion of eating place from classroom to cafeteria is very much in need, there is some difficulty toward it. Investigation of the operation and management systems. However, school cafeterias take a lot of space, and small space provokes dissatisfaction on prolonged distribution time Lee, Also, students can have their meals in a pleasant and hygienic place.

As for satisfaction on food of school meals, classroom group showed higher satisfaction than cafeteria group in quantity, diversity of types of soup, the cost of school meal, dessert. Comparison of student satisfaction degree with the school food service program in middle schools by food service management types.

Therefore, it needs to try various methods to reduce waiting time such as differentiating meal time in each grade and installing many distributing counters.Documents Similar To Level of Students' Satisfaction in TSU cafeteria Services Chapter 1 to 3 thesis "The Level of Satisfaction of DWCL BSN and HM Students to the Divine Word College of Legazpi Canteen"5/5(71).

Maritime Students’ Satisfaction on the Services Rendered by the Canteen Danrev John R. Labay1, the school and canteen services to be able to keep include student support, number of canteen workers and profitability.

Profit from the. Service Quality and Students’ Satisfaction. The terms, satisfaction and quality, are used interchangeably. Service quality is judgment of customers/clients regarding overall performance of a service of the organization and its services.

Primarily, service quality focuses on how to meet the. Dec 31,  · Comparison of student's satisfaction on school food service environment by the eating place and gender Jisook Jung, 1 Youngmee Lee, 1 and Yu-jin Oh 2 1 Department of Food and Nutrition, Kyungwon University, Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam, GyeonggiKorea.

Level of Students' Satisfaction in TSU cafeteria Services. Report to the Pricinipal. Questionnaire on Student Experience With the Canteen Service.

Essays. College Canteen. Thesis Ni Jojo. Documents Similar To Report on Improvement of Canteen. Ppt on Coll Canteen. Uploaded by.5/5(24). A research about the canteen satisfaction level of the Grade 9 students of Holy Angel School of Caloocan.

50 Pages. This includes the food that satisfies the students, the service attributes, the variety of products, and the canteen facility.

Student satisfaction on canteen services
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