Role of print media in environmental awareness

Greater media attention, effective government initiatives and increased affluence have contributed immensely to environmental awareness in China. The methodology of survey was based on two main approaches: The media should also avoid doing too much anniversary or campaign journalism, which often results in redundant reporting on a specific issue or event.

Stimulated by the profound public interest in awareness and international environmental commitments, environmental reporting flourished nationwide with an even broader variety of issues covered.

But little media overage was dedicated to the massive pollution and destruction they posed to the environment, a fatal flaw that eventually led to their demise. Farhan Ahmad, Regional Ambassador to Pakistan. It was against this backdrop that the government, the media, the NGOs and the public, represented by environmentally-conscious netizens, boarded the same boat and developed a coordinated effort to promote environmental protection in China.

In springthousands of people took to the streets in Xiamen, in eastern China, protesting against plans to build a private petrochemical plant near the city center. The media itself, facing increasing market pressure, has often been caught in the dilemma of whether or not to send a mixed message to the public.

It has been part of a massive ongoing transformation process in almost every single aspect of our lives since the late s, when the country opened its door to the outside world. This period of time was a defining period for the country. The media, despite its significant role in this process, cannot claim the credit alone.

Media is also helping the people and civil society group to raise the issues and keep people aware. Environmental reporting should be more incisive and more appealing to the younger audiences, a target group that is essential for the media to sustain itself and exert influence in the future.

The once-booming rural enterprises, for example, often made headlines and were hailed for their innovation, flexibility and contributions to the local economy.

Lastly, reporters need to work closely with such major environmental stakeholders as the NGOs, to expand their sources of reliable information. There is a dearth of quality programs on TV, and there are very few incisive articles on environmental issues in print media. The media has also often failed to convey the big picture.

For the sake of our world, clearly environmental awareness plays critical role for creating interest in environment. Additionally, the flourishment of internet forums and blogs has created another important information source for Chinese news directors and producers looking for story ideas.

Environmental reporters need to be better trained. One example of this is the Action Zero Hour from toa quasi-ultimatum the State Environmental Protection Agency SEPA handed down to thousands of enterprises along the Huaihe River and Taihu Lake in southeast China, that required them to either meet strict environmental standards before midnight January 1,or to face closure.

So it can be concluded as the strong educational background, well educational institute and executive professional level of family are the most contributing factors for awareness of students on the subject environment but no doubt media is playing vital role in this regards.role of mass media becomes pertinent in spreading environmental awareness.

awareness via the usage of media such as, newspapers and magazines, radio, television and Internet. Keywords: Environmental awareness, Mass Media, environmental problems. media such as newspapers, radio, television, electronic or print, etc. in creating. Attitude towards Mass Media and its role in promoting Environmental Consciousness: relationship between mass media and environmental awareness and certainly no such attempt has been made in the context of Bhutan.

Perhaps, there is an embedded particularly in the form of radio and print media prior to the advent of more invasive. The media plays a very constructive role in today’s society.

Media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and collect the views, information and attitudes toward certain issue.

Media is the most powerful tool of communication in. Environmental print is the term used to refer to the text that surrounds us in our everyday lives, things like McDonald's signs or the logo for a.

Regarding environmental policy, media have a key role to play, especially in promoting environmental awareness and education. In fact, the various media, such as newspapers, radio, TV and the internet, have a two-pronged role.

Introduction: Environmental awareness is strategic communication process to promote the knowledge of environment, keep people up to date about catastrophic impacts of human development and help them to know about sustainable development.

For the sake of our world, clearly environmental awareness plays critical role for creating interest in .

Role of print media in environmental awareness
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