Research paper on statistics on health care prescription errors essay

L comments that if a nurse recognizes that they have insufficient knowledge about drugs, then the nurse should set individual learning targets to aid their learning, they are both accountable and responsible for their practice.

Medication errors are both injurious to patients and costly due to the number of drugs that go to waste as a result of being given incorrectly or to the wrong patients. Health professionals have to ensure that all the care provided in hospital and in the health service is as safe and reliable as possible.

Under reporting robs medical practitioners the opportunity to learn from the errors made. Fear of reprisal causes many nurses to fail to report incidences when error occurs. Clinical pharmacist staffing in United States hospitals. There is no substitute for common sense and diligence, but technological advances may be of use in helping to prevent medication errors.

It is believed that if these are put in place, then it will be a big step towards reducing the incidences of drug errors. Rargues that distractions should not be blamed for drug errors, nurses need to report this to their manager in order for the situation to be addressed.

Proper and careful use of technology is essential as well as embracing creative and innovative technology that takes trouble out of the process of drug administration especially intravenous drugs. It is important that the government, the medical professionals together with all other stakeholders join hands in ensuring that measures are put in place that reduces the incidences of drug errors.

How about receiving a customized one? This cannot be done without involving the healthcare staff mainly the nurses. Results of this study upheld the hypothesis that the use of PDAs and medical software did, overall, improve the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration.

Interruptions and distractions are also often cited as a contributory factor to medication errors Banning, Conflict can arise in the context of nurses performing their roles as independent practitioners resulting in dysfunctional nurse-physician communication when individual authorities are challenged.

Nursing Economics 23 2pp. Many units I have been on have them crowded areas, hard to access and with many distractions. The war against drug administration errors is one that we cannot afford to lose.

Write my sample Additionally the causes of these errors must be understood before an effective system of reducing errors can be identified.The Prevention Of Medication Errors Nursing Essay. Print Reference this.

Published: 23rd patient disability and reduced confidence in health care providers (Daniels, ). right route, and right time for safety medication. This paper explains some of the roles and measures including; accurate patient information and medication history.

"Preventing Medication Errors In Nursing" Essays and Research Papers Analyze Contemporary Health Care Issue: Medication In the United States there have been numerous medication issues that Within this research paper, I will explore the nursing job field and also give statistics on the nursing field.

Nursing is a profession. Mar 04,  · Medication errors can occur at any stage in the process of delivering medications to patients, from the originating prescriber to the pharmacy, but the majority of medication errors occur during administration. Read one of our medical research papers to get help in a healthcare sphere from qualified writers.

Medication Safety and Impact of Medication Errors on the Healthcare Industry. Background Information. The institute of medicine (IOM) in reported that betweenandof preventable adverse drug events. Read Medication Errors free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Medication Errors. Barrie, Fanta April 14, N, MEDICATION ERRORS Alternative assignment in-lieu of clinical attendance A SYNOPSIS: STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING MEDICATION /5(1). Health Care - Medication Errors. Patient Falls and Medication Errors Essay example - Issue/Problem of Interest Falls are the second most common adverse event within health care institutions following medication errors, and an estimated 30% of hospital-based falls result in serious injury.

Research paper on statistics on health care prescription errors essay
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