Michaelis curriculum development

As researchers and teacher educators, we are often at a loss to define when a school is actually a professional development school. What are the essential components of a PDS? Professional Development Schools, a new, jointly defined school culture, are subtly altering the traditional tasks of the university raising compelling questions such as: Michaelis curriculum development, as interest from national, state, and local policy makers increased it became clear to Levine that definition and a way to identify quality were imperative.

In addition to defining the components of a PDS, and describing the establishment of PDSs, this Michaelis curriculum development will attempt to bring together relevant research findings of areas related to educational change and endeavor to draw connections between them.

Although this study will not deal with the effectiveness or evaluation of PDSs, future studies of its effectiveness and evaluation may be more easily conducted, based on the findings of this study. At that moment, by extension, the school reform movement reached the university, especially the colleges of education and their teacher education programs.

The horizon of education reform is littered with such unfulfilled promises. Zeichner and Miller summarized years of studies of traditional school-based training programs.

This point may seem obvious, Sykes continues, but the Michaelis curriculum development arrangements to prepare teachers have never reflected it. Lyons, Stroble, and Fischetti discovered that university changes generated by Professional Development School activities, although slow, are incremental, with the ripple effects of a quiet revolution, however fragile.

So, what type of plane is being flown? After completing a literature review, I discovered that there is a need to define the essential components of a PDS, and to continue to document how this partnership happens. Without an agreed upon set of characteristics, or blueprints, we may be building something that is not a plane at all.

In my study of Professional Development Schools, it is important to focus on what the innovation is like even as it is being established--before implementation. Brainard constructed a list of fourteen criteria and after reviewing the extant PDSs both Holmes Group and others concluded that "none of the projects included in this study appears to meet all or even most of the fourteen criteria" p.

At the heart of the PDS idea is the goal to improve substantially the preparation and continuing education of educators. The PDSs reported are substantially different from one another.

Using an innovation configuration to define a PDS, the configuration will also provide a way to identify the quality of a PDS by listing component variations that define the attributes of an ideal acceptable, and unacceptable Professional Development School.

In40 states had established testing requirements Educational Placement Consortium, as a means of addressing this concern Harriman, Levine b noted that while support for PDSs has grown over the last several years, it had become clear by that the PDS "movement" was in some danger.

Without a shared vision of what students could be, especially intellectually, and what teachers need to do, reform will not be sustained within either institution. Although there is a growing clarity and consensus on the definition of as PDS Teitel,there is still a great need to identify a systematic definition.

Policy makers began to ask, "How do you know a PDS is better than what you have always done? What are the logistical issues of the PDS and how are they solved?

How do they participate? In his book, Change ForcesMichael Fullan proposes that longstanding concerns about the inadequacy of teacher education from initial preparation to the end of the careerand the isolationist culture of schools have led to various attempts to improve both components, but rarely in conjunction.

Viewed as an important innovation, Levine continued that PDSs had proliferated rapidly, with little attention to definition and quality. How are relationships between university and school s cultivated? According to Fullan there are three main observations that can be made at this early stage of PDS development: School reform may be more possible by designing a new school culture than by changing an existing one; PDSs may be considered a new kind of culture.

Good schools would need a steady supply of excellent teachers, with new habits of mind and new habits of work Meier, Examples are another means of doing so p.Curriculum designs are generally selected for their powers in bolstering political causes and conferring political status, and since the early s, disciplinary designs have been politically valued over the others.

Curriculum design has ultimedescente.comulum design is a systematic way of going about planning instruction, even though it does not consist of some inflexible set of steps to be followed in strict order.

The Michaelis model includes the components generally recognized as essential to curriculum development. It is designed for use in two ways.

First, it may serve as a guide to the development or revision of the curriculum. Socrates and Michaelis et. likewise view planning as part of the curriculum development process. “planning the experiences to be utilized” is one of three kinds of activities involved in curriculum development.4/4(7).

Curriculum is the stuff teachers teach, and it is formatted into a curriculum guide that helps to insure all students are taught the same content at.

A Professional Development School (PDS) is a school in which university faculty work collaboratively with practitioners over time with the goal of improving teaching and learning through (1) upgrading the education of pre-service teachers, (2) providing professional development for experienced teachers, and (3) field-based research.

Michaelis curriculum development
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