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With his death the rule of the "rightly guided" caliphs, who hold a special place of respect in the hearts of Muslims, came to an end.

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The biggest impact was upon trade resulting from a common commercial and legal system extending from Morocco to Indonesia. God will shower His mercy on those who suffered for His sake in their worldly life, believing that an eternal bliss was awaiting them.

The worst blindness is the blindness of the heart. The combined force is usally reported as eitheror,strong. Jesus It is this consciousness that guides man regarding realities that cannot be verified through sensory data.

Islamiyat Assignment

Surely, God is just. Cultural influence The divide and rule policies, two-nation theory, and subsequent partition of India in the wake of Independence from the British Empire has polarized the sub-continental psyche, making objective assessment hard in comparison to the other settled agricultural societies of India from the North West.

The most miserable blindness is waywardness after guidance. As it flows, the flood is covered with foam, but beneath the foam there is that same water which is life giving and beneficial to mankind.

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They enjoin the wrong and forbid the right The strategy of the Muslims was purely defensive, aimed at keeping the Byzantines army away from the borders of Arabia. The Byzantines disengaged from the conflict the following morning and withdrew from battle allowing the Muslim force to safely retreat to Medina.

Is it not He who created the heavens and the earth, able to create the like of them? Who is the Prophet?

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After the death of the latter, the troops asked Thabit ibn Arkan to assume command; however, he declined and offered Khalid ibn al-Walid to take the lead. Art Islamic art, a part of the Islamic studies, has throughout history been mainly abstract and decorative, portraying geometric, floral, Arabesque, and calligraphic designs.


Other writers Islamiat assignment as Orhan Pamuk and Salman Rushdie write directly in English for a wider international audience. It is the most common activity in all social settings. The languages brought by Islam were modified by contact with local languages leading to the creation of several new languages, such as Urdu, which uses the modified Arabic script, but with more Persian words.INTRODUCTIONAlhumdullilah - by the mercy of Allah (swt) the Islamic world has been endowed with one of the most valuable natural resources in the.

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Islamiat assignment
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