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Public Service Commission to start an investigation into Frontier Communications over its broadband service. Jan 15, promo - bills pwede po bang ibalik ang over payment ko sa plan for not deducting the unli calls starting nong nag change plan po ako. The manager at that store promised me that they will get this resolved and will give me a feedback.

You call their customer service or technical support whatever you want to call it. We automatically use nearest server for better test result. To power cycle a modem, you unplug it and leave it unplugged for a minimum of 30 seconds, then plug it back on.

Upload speed is also displayed in megabytes Ping test: Unfortunately, they do not provide internet cable facilities in my area.

My new PLDT Home DSL modem: Changing username, wifi SSID, and password

You can make use of our speed test tool website to find out your connection speed including: Poor training and inadequate support have left our call center employees unable to properly handle customer concerns. I called customer service and was advised it will be delivered the next day.

Now the Attorney General is getting involved. It was all good and I even took another account with them DSL. The next days were really tiring and frustrating - I will always contact customer service, it ends up in 2 ways, either the agent or manager will say that this will be "escalated" and will be "investigated" or they will hang-up.

Sep 20, service has been cut off I am Kagawad Johnny P. Briana even provided me the name of the sup.

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Essentially used to check the response time of your internet connection, a faster ping rate means a more responsive internet connection. Upload speed is the speed of sending data from your machine to our remote servers. Brua, Jr a globe plan subscriber, my line has been cut off due to my unpaid accounts of 2 months but its not my fault because i did not receive my monthly bill statement of accounts July- August which is the basis for the preparation of our payments in government transaction.

February ofI learned that someone from Tuguegarao set up an account using my name I got no friends or relatives from that place on one of its Globe stores there.

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Their tech support is bad in the sense that their reps didnt even know how to troubleshoot simple connection. Test internet speed from Home or work may be tablet or mobile, At do speed test. The package included a wifi modem, a microfilter, an RJ11 cable and an RJ45 cable.

Might as well get locked in for a one year period. Dec 28, tattoo stick ang hirap gamitin ang haba na ng oras na nagugol ko para mag loggin hindi ko pa nagagamit almost 14hrs mula ng ng register ako!

But it was a matter of time before this remedy stopped working. Now that project is on hold and there are signs Frontier is pulling back on meaningful and long overdue broadband speed upgrades. Besides, my cousins in my new neighborhood swear that Smart Bro connection is pretty reliable. I proceeded to change the default SSID and passkey for my wifi connection.

They are targeting the same general time frame that Musk has in mind, if not the same ultimate goal. But once more, this solution proved temporary.Ask globe about their business plan, I'm pretty sure they don't have a cap. The only problem with business plan is the fucking cost and most of the time the CSR/Sales person doesn't know it.

They always have a dedicated support and sales team. Here is my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. i have a 3 mb wired dsl connection with globe the speed test is download and upload and im about meters from the local connection box.

golbe was told by ntc in may that they must supply 80 percent of the customers internet download speed or face ntc fines.


customer service. A new modem would cost P, I was told.

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As per the customer care agent’s instructions, I went to the nearest PLDT Business Center (on F.B. Harrison Street. Globe DSL - (5 years) Up and down. Globe waits for things to get overloaded before upgrading, so you can get several months of slow.

When they are expanding and on new equipment- works great. PLDT HOME DSL is a high-speed broadband Internet service that runs on PLDT's extensive phone network. We know every family is unique so Home DSL brings you different plan options that suit every lifestyle, need, and budget.

Enjoy the strongest connections of PLDT Home DSL with your family! Feb 26,  · New Tattoo DSL subscriber here planTrue enough after several speed test i only get about Mbps (downstream) at most. I checked the aztech router status page at and ADSL downstream rate is still set at kbps.

I called Globe customer support () to report this but the customer representative insisted i.

Globe business plan dsl test
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