Free write topics

Who should be paid more, professional athletes or teachers? What is the best book you have ever read? Describe your best personality trait. Write about the funniest thing that ever happened to you. Describe a car or bicycle accident you were in. What would be your ideal job when you grow up?

If you could be a character in any book, TV show, or movie, who would you be and why? If so, in what ways? Describe the best concert you ever attended. Or order something over the Internet Compile a list of inanimate or animate objects to which you might compare yourself metaphorically.

How are they different?

Daily Writing Prompts

Write about a time you tried to help and ended up making things worse. Write a story such as ancient people might have told about it. Make it a possible day, not a "dream day.

Describe a real made-up dream or nightmare.

Writing Prompts

Describe what you think of as the typical mother. What would you do if mice had just gotten out of their cages in a pet shop where you worked? If you had three wishes, what would they be? Write about an experience in a hospital. Write about a privilege you earned. August Writing Prompts - Writing prompt topics include: Recall a time when you two shared a good laugh over something.

What would you consider to be the benefits? Do you think you are treated differently because you are a boy or girl? Did you ever stick up for someone?

Writing Topics

Describe an outdoor game you used to play in the summer time. What type of student would you like to teach and why? The novel is about how much "Stacey" secretly hates her in-laws, whose house she currently lives in.

Just like the above 20 prompts, prompts listed below have not been "dressed up" much. You have just met an alien from another planet.

Write about what you think you will be like and what you will be doing 10 years or 20 years from now. Describe one possession that means the most to you. What would you do? What would you pack in your suitcase if you could not go home again?

Return to top of page What follows below is a simple listing of prompts. She develops a plan to meet him and make him fall in love with her Why did you like it? Now tell it from her point of view.

What would you do if you were locked inside your favorite department store overnight?This site offers sets of writing prompts that you can download, customize, and print for free. Choose from exercises in creative writing, suggestions for "how to" essays, persuasive writing topics, holiday-related ideas, and dozens of other thoughts—inspiration for writers of all ages.

Aug 24,  · How to Freewrite. Freewriting is a great way to generate thoughts on the page. You might freewrite if you are experiencing writer's block or if you're struggling to come up with new ideas. To do a freewrite, start by choosing a prompt%(82). February Writing Prompts - Writing topics include: Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, The Pony Express vs.

email, and more. March Writing Prompts - Writing Prompts include: Yellowstone National Park, Mardi Gras, Harriet Tubman Day, St.

Patrick's Day, Poetry and more. Creative Writing Prompts collection of writing prompts and story starters for writers. Come up with creative content for blogs and blog stories with the help of.

journal writing prompts 2. Write a thank you note to a friend who gave you onion and garlic-flavored chewing gum. What would you do if you could travel free anyplace in the world? double entry diary, concept wheel, 5 paragraph essay planner, think-pair-share chart, Venn diagrams for 2 or 3 topics.

Describing People, Places, and Things: 40 Writing Topics: Descriptive writing calls for close attention to details—details of sight and sound, sometimes even of smell, touch, and taste. We've come up with 40 topic suggestions for a descriptive paragraph or essay.

Free write topics
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