Duncan industries case analysis

This gives Duncan a glaring opportunity in the U. This combination of quality workmanship, innovation, and focus on the wheel-alignment segment separates DI from Duncan industries case analysis competition.

Duncan Industries

AHV is a cost-effective organization that focuses on both in-ground and surface markets. Problem Statement Duncan Industries is seeking to grow into the European market.

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However, innovation is key in order to establish market share. Currently there are three feasible options to this problem. The company is now looking to grow and exploring a variety of options. The Duncan Lift is considered superior because of its design, quality workmanship, safety features, ease of installation, and five-year warranty.

Typical consumers were automotive outlets that serviced or repaired cars, such as new and used-car dealers, and specialty shops. Enter into a joint venture agreement with Bar Maisse to manufacture and sell the Duncan lift in Europe. It is fully hydraulic and requires minimal maintenance. The product is touted for its superior design, safety features, and warranty, all obvious strengths for Duncan.

Duncan Industries Executive Summary Duncan Industries is a company that prides itself on Duncan industries case analysis, innovation, safety, and customer service. An additional innovation is the safety locking mechanism that only DI holds the patents to.

The lift is a surface lift which allows the lift to be mobile rather than attached to the ground. All value safety and quality workmanship as important factors in its buying decision criteria. Industry Analysis Automotive hoists are purchased by garages that are in the business of servicing cars.

Direct investment in establishi They offer a broad selection of high-quality lifts that include the necessary features so that many different automotive tasks can be accomodated. He does not want to risk the reputation in order to gain market share. It offers a complete line of standard hoists with limited features.

The locking mechanism was considered an advancement in lift technology when it was first introduced. This consumer consists of after-market automotive outlets that service or repair cars such as car dealerships, specialty shops and chains, and independent garages.

This consumer will either focus on one type of repair or a variety of repairs. Each lift is created with this particular purpose in mind and backed by an exclusive 5 year warranty. Automotive outlets such as car dealerships often buy a particular hoist based on recommendation or approval from its parent company.

Duncan is also so confident in its product that it offers a 5 year warranty.HCCIndustriesCaseAnalysis 1. Business Managerial Accounting & Analysis HCC Industries William Duncan, Seth Stephen Abstract HCC Industries is a manufacturer of hermetically sealed electronic connection devices and microelectronic packages.

Situation Analysis Duncan Industries currently holds a small share of the market o This means there is much room for opportunity and growth in the U.S. region. The case also notes there is an incredible number of individuals and registered vehicles to cater to.

Read this Business Case Study and over 88, other research documents. Duncan Industries. Executive Summary Duncan Industries is the manufacturer of a premium hoist, the Duncan Lift, used in the automotive service market. Duncan Industries is a growing company committed to maintaining rapid growth in volume and profit and continuing to be a leader in product innovation, quality, and support in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Duncan Industries This Case Study Duncan Industries and other 64,+ term papers, The following is a SWOT analysis of Duncan Industries: Strengths DI has a reputation of being the "Mercedes" of hoist manufacturers. The Duncan Lift is considered superior because of its design, quality workmanship, safety features, ease of installation, and.

Duncan Industries: Mark Duncan was a design engineer who worked for a Canadian subsidiary of a US automotive hoist manufacturer. InMark left the company to start his own business with the purpose of designing & manufacturing the hoist.

Duncan industries case analysis
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