Continental lite airline case study

One key to frequent and low cost flights is turning around a plane fast - South West turns around planes at airport gates in only 15 minutes. Bethune said to Advertising Age: All staff are trained to perform all of the tasks needed to turnaround the plane; for example, pilots will help to clean the toilets and take out the rubbish.

This implies that the managers should apply the policies to all functions equally. NCI In short the airline should practice a via media between low cost airline and a first class airline. Continental Lite is on its way out as a no-frills, low-fare national brand.

Although, to reduce costs they did reduce the commissions of travel agents.

In Continental lite airline case study, Continental had some activities that supported the position of frequency and low-cost and some activities that prevented them delivering the position.

A foundation for their success was based on work and planning done by their senior team, including the CEO Herb Kelleher, and team members Kim Barret and Colleen Barrett who help put the strategy into action.

Continental Airlines – Case Study

One distinctive capability that South West possesses is the maintenance of a culture of fun for the customers and the staff. More outsourcing can be attempted in ticketing and heavy maintenance.

The above recommendations in the area of customer service will go to improve the market standing of Continental airline and improve its competitive strength.

Marketing staffers now report directly to Mr. Published on January 09, Log in or go back to the homepage. Continental Lite failed to make a profit. By using the same series of Boeing or other air crafts, might enable the airline to reduce the training costs on the pilots and maintenance crew.

The following are some of the recommendations that need consideration in this area: Several travel agents were told that Continental Lite is being phased out and likely will be gone this year.

By combining the low cost service with its regular services continental would be able to bring more economies in the operation of the low cost airline. Continental apparently is considering keeping the Lite concept for its nine shuttle markets in Texas and the East Coast where the no-frills service is strongest.

Continental Lite tried to copy the position of frequent and low cost flights. There were several factors that influenced the turnaround and chief among them is the drastic improvement in its employee relations. Some of the recommendations that can be considered for cost reduction are: In South West, all of the staff are part of a team that together ensure the plane is cleaned and replenished in 15 minutes.

Strategy requires trade-offs - taking one position in the market often prevents a company from delivering another position: In July, Continental finally gave its "airline within an airline" a brand identity under the Lite name.

The Airline was reporting operating losses even from the year and it had to seek protection against bankruptcy under Chapter 11 twice; once in and again in South West has a good fit where the activities support the strategy and reinforce each other.

In the present day context the airlines are selling their seats in a number of ways to maximize their revenues. Some other recommendations in this area include: Though there are several major airline has taken up this proposal and later on dropped the idea of operating low cost airline, with the increased number of air travelers it may not be a bad idea for Continental to try out its hand in this area.

South West provides a different service to their competitors. To achieve this, South West have chosen not to provide certain extras: We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age.

Schedule Generation — by using proper forecasting Fleet Assignment — to have an effective utilization of availability air crafts Crew Scheduling — this is an important area to improve passenger service Airport Services Scheduling — to reduce the cost of airport services being paid by the airline.Case Studies.

Useful Websites. Articles. Video. Contact. Login. Home. About Us. Introduction. The Story of the Gordian Knot. Case Study 1. The Sustainable Business Model Continental Lite tried to copy the position of frequent and low cost flights.

Continental Lite lowered fares, eliminated meals and first class service. This case was prepared as a Continental Airlines: Outsourcing IT to Support Business Transformation As the Texas sun began to set, Janet Wejman, the Chief Information Officer for Continental Ferguson had championed the disappointing Continental Lite effort which was the airline's short.

Real-time Business Intelligence: Best Practices at Continental Airlines1 Written by Hugh J. Watson (University of Georgia), Barbara H. Wixom (University of Virginia), We then use Continental Airlines as a case study of highly successful real-time BI. now serves more destinations than any other airline in the world.

Continental’s. Southwest Airlines Case Study in Essay. Words Mar 26th, 85 Pages. Instructor Case: Southwest Airline case study Words | 10 Pages A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United".

As they were beginning the meeting a staff member advised the.


Anderson-Lehman et al. / Continental Airline Flies High NCR, provided funding for this case study. arrival of Gordon Bethune as CEO, who led Continen- not study market and customer behavior, nor optimize its entire network of flights. The warehouse integrated. Continental Lite failed to make a profit.

"The airline is clearly shifting direction under a new CEO," said one executive close to Continental. That .

Continental lite airline case study
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