A character analysis of wang lung in the good earth

His only saving grace is that when he gets old he reverts back to his youth and returns to the farm. Now, when we say "a hard worker," we mean a hard worker.

The Good Earth

As soon as he discovers that O-lan has the costly jewels, he wants immediately to invest them in good land. The problem is that as he gets older, Wang Lung goes back to the land less and less often.

Cuckoo was beautiful in her youth, so the Old Master took her as his concubine while O-lan worked as a kitchen slave. So what happens to him? Getting away from the land turns Wang Lung into a pretty unpleasant person. She grew up in a wealthy family, so she urges her husband to spend money on luxury items; she is spoiled and reckless.

She gives him a wide array of personalities that the reader can dictate into a unique man. By doing so he made money, and money meant more land. Eventually, things get out of control, and nothing he does can fix it. Even in the fields, he is a very silent person, and we seldom get to know little of what he is thinking inwardly.

Innocence, ignorance, crudeness, a trusting nature, or whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to the same thing: After a time of arguing, Wang Lung finally gives in.

She is a strong, hardworking, resourceful woman and a devoted wife. Wang Lung is delighted to find rice for only a penny.

Aristocrat With all that hard work and ambition, Wang Lung finally becomes rich. What happens is a constant struggle within Wang Lung between his farmer nature and his desire to be a big shot.

However, he is also extremely ambitious and envies the material success of the wealthy Hwangs. Read an in-depth analysis of O-lan. Wang Lung is saved but his family, the legacy that he worked so hard to achieve, is doomed.

The old man is not able to live on his own, therefore Wang Lung is sure that there is always someone there to look after his father. Wang Lung develops a strong attachment to her and worries about what will become of her after his death. For this reason, he is in need of someone to be a nurse to him.

He spends money extravagantly and drains his coffers by taking a succession of concubines. This shows how different he is, at the point in the novel, from rich people like those in the House of Hwang.

Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth: Wang Lung Analysis

Throughout the novel, Wang Lung is never able to escape the fact or belief that all good things come from the good earth and that all things are ultimately returned to it. He starts going to brothels, of course. In a way, he never really leaves.

Like her husband and son, she is lazy and manipulative. Through his experiences with Lotus to his wealthieness as a Great Man, Buck draws a mental picture of it all in the book, The Good Earth. The uncle is a poor old gambler who would rather gamble his money away than to spend it on his family.

Somehow, though, every time he goes back to the land, Wang Lung returns to normal:The Good Earth: Wang Lung - A Man of Determination and Loyalty Pearl S.

Buck shows her readers the many faces of Wang Lung in her book, The Good Earth. Wang Lung is a rice farmer who gains all his wealth through the land. Pearl S. Buck shows her readers the many faces of Wang Lung in her book, The Good Earth.

Wang Lung is a rice farmer who gains all his wealth through the land. He struggles to move from poverty to a well respected wealthy man. Wang Lungs character portrays a man’s unselfishness, determination. Wang Lung and his land are the one true pairing of The Good Earth. Sure, you might think O-lan is Wang Lung's true love, but the land was there before her, and there after her, too.

No matter what he's doing, Wang Lung always thinks about the land.

The First SonMan, Wang Lung and O-lan sure are proud parents. They love this kid.

They think he's totally the best: "As for our son, there was not even a child among the concubines of the Old Maste. The Good Earth study guide contains a biography of Pearl S. Buck, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Character Analysis Wang Lung Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List From the first time that we encounter Wang Lung until our final view of him, his main concern is .

A character analysis of wang lung in the good earth
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